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We will guaranteed most none fragrant Leis ( MBG items only  ) to be arrival in good condition or money back ( Lei cost only and not applicable to Economic Service, Discounted Items, Deliver with out signature and Hotel, Saturdays, Mondays Delivery ). But our Lei guaranteed Policy does not cover the follow conditions which are if our shipper failed their delivery commitment or Recipient is not in, Address Error, Bad weathers and Agriculture Dept Delay or Hold Up, then our Lei guarantee will be null and voided. Also, we are not liable for any perishable Items. ( any Fragrant flowers or Leis such as Pikake, Ginger, Tuberose, Pakalana, Carnation........... ).             

Note: 1, We are guaranteed all FRESHNESS LEIS or FLOWERS to pack with your shipment and landed on your state on time. But we can not guaranteed that our carrier will deliver on time due w / accident may occur and those accidents are beyond our control.( such as engine won't start, blow out tire )             Client Testimonial

2, Federal Express charge $10.00 extra for address correction or forward address delivery and we will forward those charge to your account.

3. Cashier Check may require if your purchase amount is over limited of $200.00.

4. 25 % additional charge may apply to any Order if it failed to meet the requirement of note 3.

5. Sorry, C.O.D. service is not available and no shipment will be send if the payment is not clear.

6. Federal Express will not accept any claim if you were exceed 15 days period of the delivery day.

6a. We will file your claim if the shipper are failed their commitment. But your refund is not guaranteed!

7, Sorry, no cancellation will be accepted if you with out a conformation number.

8, All information on our website is not current updated if you do need the current information, please call us at .
























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