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PACK-AB... $35.99 with postpaid

1 Sonia Lei               1 Ti Leaf Lei

PACK-AAA... $53.99 with postpaid

4 Sonia Orchid Leis                 2 Ti Leaf Leis

PACK-AA..... $77.99 with postpaid

6 Sonia Orchid Leis                     6 Ti Leaf Leis

PACK-A..... $103.58 with postpaid

1-Triple Dens Orchid Lei, 1-Cigar Lei, 3-Tuberose / Sonia Lei, 2-Crown Lei, 3-Bozu Lei.

PACK-B .....$160.06 with postpaid

1-Triple Bozu Lei, 1-Micronesian, 1-Double Ohai Alii Lei, 1-Ti Leaf / Crown Lei, 5-He'ee Lei,

3-Ti Leaf Lei, 4-Sonia Lei, 4-Tuberose / Carnation Lei.

PACK-C .....$265.52 with postpaid

1-Neffertiti Lei, 1-Kukuhi Nut / Marcon, 1-Triple Tuberose / Dens Lei, 1-Double Ohai Alii Leis,

1-Ti Leaf / Dens Lei, 1-Ti Leaf / Bozu Lei, 1-Crown / He'ee Lei, 1-Tuberose / Fire Cracker Lei,

1-Lantern Ilima Lei, 1- Sonia Orchid / Tuberose Lei, 5-Crown Lei, 5-Bozu Lei, 5-He'ee Lei,

5-Tuberose / Sonia Lei.

PACK-E..... .$85.53 with postpaid

1-Double Bouz lei, 1-He'ee / Mock Orange Lei, 3-Crown Lei, 4-Bouz Leis, 3-Ti Leaf Leis.

PACK-F .....$74.20 with postpaid ( SILK LEIS )

1-Double Carnation Lei, 1-Double Dens Lei, 5-Azalea Lei, 8-Hula Lei.

PACK-J .....$59.80 with postpaid ( CANDY LEIS )

1-Ti leaf Lei, 1-Seed Lei, 6-Candy Leis.

PACK-K ... $69.68 with Postpaid ( Silk and Candy Leis )

2 Double Carnation Leis, 3 Hula Leis, 3 Candy Leis..

  ANNIVERSARY PACK - with post paid  
H Triple Orchid Lei & Cigar Lei $58.66
I Orchid Lei & Ti Leaf Lei $39.66



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Note: 1,  Advance Order and payment ( Money Order,Cashier Checks or WESTERN UNION only ) may require for this Special Offer and Lei substiution may occur2, Please allowing two to three days for delivery and Overnight Service is available up on request. 3. Phone assistance may not be available.