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IMPORTANT NOTE: 1.Please review our Shipping Policy and the foot note carefully prior to submit this Claim Form. 2. Our Lei Guarantee Policy does not cover: Discounted Lei, Frozen Lei, Saturday Delivery, Monday Delivery, Hotel Delivery or any thing which act by the God. 3. Fragrant Lei Claim will deny if you did not purchase any Fragrant Lei Insurance when you place your order. 4. We will deny any miss packing or receive wrong item claim if you did authorized Lei substitution or delivery with out a signature. 5. We will forward your Late Delivery Claim to our Carrier's Cargo Dept and ask for a fair Settlement, however your Refund or Credit is Guaranteed by our shipping company ( Fedex or UPS ) not from us.  6. Over Charge or Merchandise not receive claim may deny if you by pass "Lei Quote" and rush order or last minutes order. 7. A service fee charge of $15 to $25 that may apply only if your claim is deny by note: 2,3,and 4.